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Turning off start-stop system Hey Guys, just want to confirm a few things here.... : MMI 3GP K09, MMI 3G HIGH K02, MMI 3G BASIC K02, MMI 2G HIGH 55 RNS850 K08/2017 7P6060884E 6.23.2 Europe V10 Google Earth/Sreet View on RNS850 5.8.6 2016 Ro W MAP 8R0051884DJ Coding of STG 46 Halogen to LED tail lights A4/8K A5/8T A6/C7 A7/4G Turning off start-stop system Hello Guys..... I was doing some reading and from what I gathered I believe that if i upgrade/change my firmware the k-box would also update so as to allow me to get radio frequency bandwidth the same as the USA. Also I have the following installed in the car currently HN JP_AU3G_P0271 NAV DATABASE: 7614 I dont think there are maps available for Trinidad and Tobago.... Hi guys, Congo, I'm a little confused as to the firmware updates, I can see that the maps can be update for the MMI 3G High which I have but what about the firmware?

This should be changed according to manual Page 31 to the MAC address specifically to my MMI or should I continue to use the "2380_00040009.fsc" as stated in the manual page 18. So I'll probably pop in a post in the UK forum part to see if there is anyone nearby enough. This means I have to use Keldo's activator for example? I live in the caribbean and as such the radio frequency bandwidth is different from Japans. Will the links you guys have in this post work with my car to update the MMI?

If you notice the date is completely wrong, you can set it the current date and time using a variation of the same terminal command.

You now have two approaches, set the date via the internet, or set the date manually.

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If you’re on a computer without internet access, or if you encounter the problem during an alternative OS X installation method and thus can’t access System Preferences, turning to the Terminal to set the date is the next option.

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