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Updating bios in ubuntu

***I have used flashrom many times without problem.First, read (and save) your current bios to a file: flashrom -p internal -r oldrom If the read process was successful, go for write: flashrom -p internal -w newrom finished!Fortunately, before trying any of not so easily looking solutions on the Ubuntu Wiki I have found out some other way to do it.The following section describes the detailed steps required to upgrade the BIOS on Ubuntu.2) The above package package provides the get System Id command that we can use to verify the System ID of the machine that is a hex value that is unique for any of the Dell products or products family. when running the command on my Power Edge R300 the following output was returned:3) Now you need to go into the following website, find out the directory containing the System ID that you've just found in its name and use the one that has the latest BIOS version in its name too. uniflash is an inactive project (I didn't see any update of that for years), while flashrom is active.The other advantage of flashrom is that it is under linux. I use Ubuntu O/S (Linux) with Wolfdale 1333 -D667 R2.0 Asrock board.When we reinserted the thumb drive earlier, it should have mounted, and we should either have a window that popped open or a link in our file manager for the drive.

After spending a while looking through HP and Compaq's websites, and Google, I determined that the BIOS updater for the laptop was - BIOS | - WF | | - 3081F17.

Answer is that, flashrom can be used to flash a chipset from another board on your board, so you can recover the bios of other boards (provided that its chipset is removable).

A similar program which works in DOS is "uniflash".

The mount entry might therefore look like this: Now, we've got our thumb drive partitioned and marked as bootable, but we don't have any OS on it yet.

Before the next step, we need to mount the new partition.

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WPH | | - flash1| | - FLASH1| | - mfc42| | - msvcp60| | - | | - Phlash9| | - PHLASH. LOG | | - Phlash | | - Phlash | | - | | - Win It's a windows only program; you're out of luck if you don't have a copy of windows to run it with.

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