Tilda swinton dating

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Tilda swinton dating

Our arrangement is that if a partner wants to explore a fleeting intimacy with another while, say, abroad, this is okay, with this caveat: Don't ask, don't tell." They've agreed that a far-flung fling every once in a while is not threatening to their relationship.

This pact seems bewildering and scandalous to nearly everyone they describe it to.

Is our idea of love perhaps too narrow, too literal, too unimaginative?

The legendary journalist Gay Talese has been married to his glamorous editor wife, Nan, for 50 years this past June, and he is currently writing a book on their extraordinary and epic relationship.

The couple both rocked a pair of slip-on shoes from the shop Bucket Feet.

These days, when a bride floats down the aisle we think of a monogamous future in which she and her husband are blissfully faithful forever; anything else seems shocking, bohemian, perverse.

Affairs don't have the burden of breakfast, lunch, and dinner," Talese says. Virginia Woolf's sister, Vanessa Bell, a ravishing, statuesque painter who liked to wear gypsyish head scarves, lived on an English country estate with her lover, Duncan Grant, his gay lover, and her children, and her husband sometimes popped by for a week or two.

She believed it was more important to live fully than to be conventionally comfortable or secure.

But of course, we all thought about her." Indeed, seems to have had a particularly fascinating casting process, which didn't place any barriers in who could audition for the role.I don’t think he follows Tilda around when she’s on location, but I have no way of knowing for sure. Tilda Swinton keeps close to her beau Sandro Kopp as they head out of their hotel on Friday afternoon (June 13) in New York City.Here are some new pics of Tilda and her boyfriend Sandro Kopp taking a romantic stroll in Paris over the weekend. Tilda is 53 years old – Sandro is 18 years younger at 35. Tilda and Sandro aren’t photographed together all that often – I think they average about two or three sightings a year together. I’m glad they’re still together – I think they’ve been a couple since 2008-ish. Sandro is an artist and I’m still not really sure where he lives and where he works.

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A friend of mine has a pact with her husband that if one of them has a one-night stand while traveling away from the family, it's okay.

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