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what i didnt tell you was that while my hubby was very pleased to fuck another pussy i was thinking about the two guys waiting for me in the next room. While deciding which type of work would be best for me, many thoughts went through my mind, being a driver for an escort agency, or a barman all over again, as they would be the best paying if you included tips.

The term wife swapping is now criticized as being androcentric and not accurately describing the full range of sexual activities in which couples may take part, but the term continues in use, and reflects the origins of the concept whereby husbands were viewed as initiating an informal partner swap.

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Giving her a hug and a kiss hello, I noticed our son Steven was not sitting in the… This story is half fact/ half fiction, Myself and Ricky do have these adventures but let’s just say we can’t remember the event as we all know when it comes to quickies there no time to think ":) …. I love wearing short skirts and shorts to show my legs  So Ricky… So my girlfriend tolerates my crosssreasing, but does not approve and certainly does not help me with it in any way.

It was during a drunken argument that she said to me " get a life!

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Arriving home and leaving the car in the driveway, I entered the house with a bunch of summer flowers hidden behind my back, to give my wife a surprise when she saw me.

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