Soso dating love community

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Soso dating love community

To enjoy the place, I think it's better to book a table in advance because there won't be much room to dance otherwise..

The trauma porn that we were put through did nothing to highlight how Eric Garner and Mike Brown’s families never saw justice served.

Defending the prison officer and contextualizing him as an affable well-intentioned kid who lost his way doesn’t call out the severity of Black people being murdered without consequence or concern.

Nor does it highlight some noble lesson for White consumers to learn.

Jenji Kohan seems singularly capable of crafting the most insufferable Oblivious White Woman (TM) characters of all time; by the end of her previous show Unfortunately, I am uniquely terrible at taking any advice — including my own — and proceeded to watch wave of insulting narrative after insulting narrative packaged under the happy-go-lucky theme of “prison life is complicated, guys! Over the course of 13 hours, Piper “I was told by Apple Care” Chapman starts a white supremacy group and gets three to five years added onto another inmate’s sentence all because she wanted to have a monopoly on the prison panty industry — and we’re supposed to be feel bad for her because she got branded by other inmates for her bullshit.

My fucks to give on her quality of life ran out somewhere around her being directly responsible for a race-based stop and frisk policy in the prison facility, so don’t cry for me, Argentina.

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