Sonia kruger daniel macpherson dating

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Sonia kruger daniel macpherson dating

Kruger defended her comments saying "I believe it’s vital in a democratic society to be able to discuss these issues without being labelled racist." The firebombing of a Perth radio station initially linked by media reports to the presenters disagreeing with Kruger's views was later determined by police to be "coincidental" and "nothing to do with the Islam discussion."Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Daniel Mac Pherson and Zoe Ventoura's outback drama Wild Boys also featured in the round-up, in spite of its recent cancellation.' Underbelly: Razor' finale airs to top viewer ratings The publication listed Ben Elton's Live from Planet Earth and George Negus's axed current affairs programme as two of the worst shows of the year.She co-hosted the series with both Daryl Somers In 2008, during an episode of Dancing with Stars, Kruger made a comment about a "sweat shop of illegal immigrants" working on her wardrobe for the Melbourne Cup carnival before referring to the show's musical director Chong Lim, the show’s Malaysian-born musical director with the words "How’s the family, Chong? " Channel 7 later issued an apology for her statement.On 18 July 2016, during an appearance on the morning show Today, Kruger called for a complete ban on Muslims entering Australia, in agreement with an opinion piece by commentator Andrew Bolt.She said that Craig has six kids and if she gets married to him, she’ll have six kids in the relationship.Even after the separation, they both didn’t need to leave their million-dollar house.

Other successful dramas of the year included in the list are Danielle Cormack and Chelsie Preston's crime drama Underbelly: Razor and period drama Downton Abbey.

Sonia Melissa Kruger (born 28 August 1965) is an Australian television presenter and media personality, who has been a prominent figure in the media for over 20 years.

She is best known for co-hosting the popular Australian version of Dancing with the Stars and for the role of Tina Sparkle in the 1992 film Strictly Ballroom.

She subsequently went to host the children’s show, “Wonder World” in Australia, and served as an Amusement Reporter for assorted programs, including “Today Tonight” and “Sunrise”.

In 2004, she started co-hosting the show, “Dancing with the Stars”, the Australian reboot of the most popular British show, “Strictly Come Dancing”. She also hosted the popular, but short lived show, “10 Years Younger in 10 Days” and “Big Brother Australia 9.

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Born in Toowoomba, Queensland, she attended Beenleigh State High School, completing Year 12 in 1982.

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