Sexy ipod chat

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Sexy ipod chat

View Website | View in App Store Groups takes contacts group management to a totally different level.With a highly innovative user interface, you get to manage your contacts the i Phone way; drag them, drop them or trash them.Each application puts design first, offering a fantastic user experience.

Whether you’re looking for a robotic unit converter, a realistic app for reading novels, or a intuitive Twitter client – this roundup has something for you.

View Website | View in App Store Tweetie is a fast, full-featured Twitter client.

It offers everything you’d expect – from your timeline to trends – all with an incredibly well polished user interface and a great experience.

View Website | View in App Store Take the guesswork out of restaurant tipping.

Enter the bill amount, select a percentage, and Tipulator will calculate the tip. View Website | View in App Store Say goodbye to boring grocery planning and chaotic shopping lists.

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View Website | View in App Store If it’s 9 PM, Friday 20 June in Melbourne, Australia, what time and day is it in Trieste, Italy?

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