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This book was fairly short, as are all of Milly's books, but packed a nice punch in its little package.

You can bet from a minimum of 0.05 all the way up to 5.00 so you have a range of options available that will satisfy nearly all players.Anyways, it is a good book and if you're the type that dont need a connection with your characters to enjoy the story to a 5 star point of veiw (or you just like naughty sex) then you will love this book but unfortunately it doesn't live up to its five star reviews (for me, dont get your knickers in a twist) but if the author was to have given the story more depths and more insight then it would of been one hell of a book Wow....is the third book in the series and i am no where near bored yet! The characters are great, there is action, humour, romance, and an interesting story line. I mean, what's not to love; bossy, manly, alpha, buff, take charge, sexy... Her Purrfect Match was a different take on shifters, in that, the shifter was a tiger.Most authors stick with wolves, but Milly likes to branch out to other scary looking animal families which is a nice change.Software by Multi Slots always delivers unique gameplay, and The Purrfect Match video slot doesn’t under-deliver on that promise.You’ll be matching cats left and right, and who knows you might even find a new furry friend to take home to keep you company.

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We think this game offers an entertaining take on the traditional video slot game that will only lead you to happiness.

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