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Naked lady chatroom

Of course, though we believe overt sexual activity and social nudity should be kept separate that doesn't mean we don't appreciate the sight of an attractive man or woman.

In some ways marriage does not seem to have progressed much since the middle ages with the wife viewed as the sexual property of her husband.

I believe married couples, especially newly weds, should spend as much time as possible naked together, just doing normal things, and getting accustomed to each other's bodies.

My husband and I have practised naturism all our married life, at home as well as being members of our local naturist club.

If you want to be a fully-fledged cuckold in two years time then, make no mistake, you need to start the process now!

There are various guides available online, some free some not, and often they claim "they can convince any woman to cuckold her man".

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Importantly more and more women are becoming aware that there is another option.

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