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Liquidating a partnership

A partnership can enter into a binding debt-forgiveness arrangement or repayment schedule with its creditors instead of liquidation.

This will likely result in an improved outcome for the creditors, and may allow the company to survive.

However, the partners' individual liability is limited.Under the Order, partnerships can be treated as legal entities in their own right for insolvency purposes.Importantly, the Order has extended procedures relating to voluntary arrangements and administrations to insolvent partnerships and the Amendment Orders apply the out-of-court administration procedure and the new terms of creditor decisions and deemed consent procedures to partnerships.Tests for insolvent partnerships The tests for an insolvent partnership are similar to the two generally accepted tests for an insolvent company.If a partnership is: then the partnership is insolvent for the purposes of UK law.

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A partnership will not be insolvent solely on the basis of one of its members being individually insolvent if it is itself able to pay its debts as they fall due or its assets are greater than its liabilities.

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