Interactive brokers trading account updating

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Interactive brokers trading account updating

Portfolio – Portfolio section displays all assets in which you hold a position sorted by underlying, and updates every 3 minutes throughout the trading day and immediately upon a completed transaction.

Your Portfolio information is displayed on the Portfolio tab in each of the IB trading platforms.

Customize this view to show only the values you want to see, with a check next to the parameters you want visible, then click the green minus (-) sign to collapse the section The "post-expiry" fields display the anticipated account margin value projected "at expiration" based on any soon-to-expire contracts in your portfolio. If there is a margin deficiency in either your securities or commodities account, cash will be immediately transferred to cover the margin deficiency.

Isolate completed trades by ticker symbol with the Filter button, or choose to see a summary of all trades by underlying on the Summary tab.Alerts offer triggers and customizable options to generate notifications based on price movement, time and date, trading volume or the state of your margin cushion.Create alerts using real time market data and/or account values.IB's real time margin calculations allow you to understand the margin implications of any transaction before you transmit an order and continually enforce account limits, preventing trades if insufficient margin exists.View the margin impact before transmitting either on the Order Confirmation message or if you disabled this message, right-click on an order row and select Check Margin.

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Use the " " icon, to expand a complex position and view each leg.

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