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If he had any time left in the evenings, he took his friends to his farmhouse in Delhi’s deep south where, after rounds of beer, he played with his Rottweilers, one of them called Sultan.

Yet, unlike them, he wanted to rough it out before joining the family business. He asked about my work (journalism) and my pastimes (books, movies) and seemed interested in whatever I said, listening patiently with the right amount of nodding and asking questions that indicated unfeigned curiousity.Is Tinder the best thing to have happened to girls looking for fun? It simplifies one’s potential dates to the essential qualifications: profile photos and physical distance. The app encourages you to choose people based purely on their looks and the feasibility of an offline encounter.If you were the sort who fussed about “matching,” the app shows you mutual friends and mutual interests culled from Facebook., where an anonymous woman records her dates with Delhi men, several of them off Tinder.Big debates are taking place: more girls or guys on Tinder? Tinder is a matchmaking phone app synchronised with Facebook.

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With one he’s sort of become close, but what stops him from taking it further, he admitted sheepishly, was her broad nose. He hasn’t had a girlfriend since he was in high school.

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