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Disaster movie im dating matt damon

This is the moment where you either buy the movie in its entirety or check out early.

Emmerich also picked some terrific character actors to lead the way.

There really didn’t seem like too much hope for humanity in this one.

Yeah it was corny and cheesy at times, (and Randy Quaid’s character did nothing to help that either), but the film itself was phenomenal in terms of how grand a scale an attack was made on the screen at the time.

Cusack brings his particular brand of barely likable schmo charm to Jackson– he’s believable as both a jaded writer and impatient limo driver.

And yes, just as in every other Emmerich film, the cute little dog survives.

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Someday you could be walking down the road and before you know it, it starts raining asteroids.

unlike in other films, where you can’t wait for that character to die, I rooted for his survival.

Finally, there’s Woody Harrelson as the conspiratorial radio host, who joyously chews the scenery. Shockingly, it’s all based on a real theory– when Harrelson spouts off about Hapgood’s crust displacement theory, and that Einstein believed it was true, he’s not lying. the chaos has mostly ended, and the action moves inside the ships, and the sheer epic nature of the film hits a roadbump.

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This is the daddy of all disaster films, and easily the pinnacle of Emmerich’s career to date.

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