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David and poppy apprentice dating

She stays with Pete and her aunt, Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), when her father returns to New Zealand.She soon angers Ian by flirting with other men, and Pete, who is in a bad mood after arguing with Kathy, throws her out of his house when she tries to bring friend home to stay.Following his parents' split, he and his mother leave Walford in April 1989 but Ali snatches him in May, causing Sue to have a breakdown and be sectioned.Little Ali lives with his father, who struggles as a single parent and employs an unregistered child minder to look after Little Ali while he works.Kenny is the older brother of Pauline (Wendy Richard) and Pete Beale (Peter Dean).He was born in 1941 to Albert and Lou Beale (Anna Wing).He visits his ill mother and finds out that he has been named as the father of Pat's younger son, Simon Wicks (Nick Berry).After a month in Walford, he realises how good his life in New Zealand is, and returns to Barbara.

Johnny Harris, played by Michael O'Hagan, is a criminal associate of Den Watts (Leslie Grantham), who shows up occasionally from February 1988 to liaise with Den about various scams they are involved with.

"Little" Ali Osman, played by Omer Mustafa Salih, is the second son born to café owners Sue and Ali Osman (Sandy Ratcliff and Nejdet Salih).

He is born in March 1988 and is delivered in his parents' flat, 47B Albert Square, by Lofty Holloway (Tom Watt) and Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard).

He says goodbye to Simon, whose paternity has come into doubt again, and tells him he hopes that he is his father.

It is later revealed that Pat believes Brian Wicks (Leslie Schofield) is Simon's father.

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In 1989 she discovers that Ashraf is having an affair with a woman named Stella (Cindy O'Callaghan).

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