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Dating someone who makes minimum wage

Karl Marx’s theory of surplus value states that a company’s profits should not exceed the cost of the worker’s labor.In other words, people should only pay for a good exactly what it cost the worker to make it.While this sounds good in theory, it makes no sense in practice.In a free market, a customer will only buy a product if he values that product more than his own money. When an employee asks his boss to pay him more than he is worth, the boss laughs.If the government requires fast food restaurants to pay workers more, the restaurants will do so—but they can only make ends meet by hiring fewer employees.Politically, a high minimum wage may sound like a raise, but in the competition of the free market, it looks more like a pink slip—even more for businesses than for employees.The idea that a business’ profit should be entirely redistributed to employees will only make that business less effective.

Accordingly, wages in the economy would hover between the maximum and minimum, and the populace would live between the two wage points.

If we support more opportunity now, more companies will be able to hire more workers.

As those workers gain experience, their work will become more valuable, and the wage which voters are aching to force by law may just come about on its own.

Customers may take Mc Donalds’ low prices for granted, but in a market based on human decisions they are a reflection of the value of fast food.

Customers don’t come to Mc Donald’s for a gourmet meal—they come to eat fast and on the cheap.

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One thing is certain, however—customers won’t necessarily agree to pay more for a product just because the owner has to pay his employees more.