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After boot camp, they recommended I go straight to boarding school, but my mom decided that I should be homeschooled instead, that way I could come home, but I wouldn’t have any contact with my old friends.

I went to live with my dad for about a day and then he kicked me out too. I asked my friends, “Ok, if I was a porn star, what would my name be? At one point they had to tie me down because I was fighting so hard. When you’re high out of your mind, you’re not thinking very clearly. One time they took me to this one guy’s house, and this guy was a celebrity. T: Well she did show up, along with my ex-boyfriend. Do you think they’re going to believe anything you say right now?

So then I was homeless, living with friends, going from couch to couch. I was dropping acid, taking literally any pill I could get my hands on, crunching, snorting, having sex with people I would’ve never had sex with. It was a school for gifted girls with behavior problems. I’m going to be a go-go dancer.” Then I saw an ad for porn: “Do you want to make ,000 a month? ” Of course I’m hanging out with black guys, of course, of course… He didn’t rape me or anything, but I was looking at him the whole time, thinking, Oh my god this is a celebrity. If he’s involved, then they must have a lot of power. But the guy holding me hostage pulled out guns—he had so many guns—and all of his friends were hiding in the trees. ” I don’t know how many different kinds of drugs I had in my system—crank, meth, whatever they were making me snort. I had no concept of where I was or what was going on.

So we moved about three-hours away from my old home. I was in the house by myself all day, everyday, while everybody else went to work and school. But unless you love to learn, at age sixteen you’re not going to sit by yourself and study.

So I started sneaking out and getting into a lot of trouble because I was failing school again.

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I can honestly say, I think this is the most extreme interview I’ve done thus far. (Also, you should check out Richardson’s newly launched clothing line.