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THE HOTELA sublime blend of Balinese and Caribbean elements, Laluna is Grenada’s hidden secret.Architect and designer Gabriella Giuntoli has teamed up with Carmelina Santoro to give the hotel’s 16 cottages an exquisite, soft-hued comfort without distracting from the sweeping views that each cottage offers its guests.Grenada achieved independence from Britain in 1974. The hurricane left significant destruction across the island and crippled much of the island's infrastructure.Following a leftist coup in 1983, the island was invaded by U. It was estimated that some 90% of the island's homes had sustained damage and the nutmeg trees, which are key to Grenada's economy, were devastated. This festival celebrates the emancipation of slaves. There are two seasons: the 'dry' season is from January to May and the 'rainy' season lasts for the rest of the year.Boiling and clarifying the cane juice is the next operation. The liquid sugar is put into coolers for about 14 hours.The juice is strained after grinding and then taken to the clarifying copper to be boiled. The molasses is then drained off and taken to the still house to be made into rum.The French began their colonization with a series of skirmishes that virtually exterminated the island's native Carib population.In 1666, a wooden fortification was constructed by French colonists on a promontory overlooking Grenada's natural harbour and named Fort Royale.

The Tikal was the first art cater shop in Grenada and it was opened in December 1959. George's and the rest of Grenada was severely battered by Hurricane Ivan.Balinese furniture and handpicked artworks adorn the lobby and rooms, while the hotel's bright colors perfectly mirror the surrounding landscape.MADE BY ORIGINALS“The absence of luxury is a luxury in itself,” says Bernardo Bertucci, the man behind Laluna and a former fashion consultant for Prada and Giorgio Armani.A year later with the help of international donors (Canada, the United States, China, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, and the European Union) Grenada had experienced a significant turn around in rebuilding efforts. The Sunday night celebrations continue into the early morning hours on Monday. There are short spells of rain in the dry period but they last no more than 5 minutes or so.By 2007, Grenada had participated as planned in the hosting of the 2007 Cricket World Cup. On Monday a carnival pageant is held on stage at Queen's Park, where costumes, themes and calypso queens are judged. George's vibrates to the sounds of the calypso steel bands as they parade through the streets. Gray clouds over the mountains are the first sign of rain. The tree is an evergreen with dark green leaves and small yellow flowers, and grows up to 12 meters tall.

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