22 year old guy dating 17 year old

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22 year old guy dating 17 year old

Where I am, it's legal to have sex when you're 16 so that wouldn't be an issue but you are only classed as an adult when you're 18 so I'm old enough to go into clubs and bars and drink alcohol but he isn't.Also, when going abroad he'd be classed as a child and I would be an adult.

So, any opinions would be helpful :) Also, what about 17 year old girl with 15 year old guy?

Self-deception is something I try to avoid but you are right, I'm an idiot. She may not be too young but her 19 year old friend, for instance, could be. If the age difference does turn out to be an issue and things don't work out, your only 22. I didn't really expect a clear yes or no from the forum, but I wish there was.

Tha's still quite young and you have plenty of time to find someone else. Maudlin, Maturity is what makes the difference, and place in life. I normally wouldn't consider anyone younger than 19, but what am I talking about, I haven't ever actually followed through with any consideration. The whole thing would be easier if it was just a simple "yes, it's bad".

CAN A 22 year old girl date a guy who's 17/18 years old?

the girl looks really young for her age, even younger than the 17/18 year old guy and the 17/18 year old guy looks older.

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I liked this guy when he was 15 and I would have been 17 at the time (we never dated or did anything) but what would people's opinions have been if we had?